The most important element for us is Audio, that's why its in our name. At Element Audio Group we are committed to capturing all the pieces that compose your art - from the softest timbral gesture to the loudest dynamic hit. Using professional mobile-friendly tools and years of experience, our creative team strives to fuse together the musical and artistic components of your production into a high-quality recording. Most importantly we capture the aesthetic of your work and your performance and seamlessly translate it to the digital domain.

Furthermore, our high-fidelity audio recordings combined with HD video provide the audience with an authentic and realistic experience. Our clients benefit from our true-to-life recordings and our personalized approach and dedication to their work. Our mobility and flexibility allows us to suit anyone’s needs and implement complex setups in any space. Furthermore, our experience in modular recording ensures consistent masterful results. EAG is excited to work with any genre of music and all varieties of performance. Contact us to discuss your next project.

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