Duplex Panner

Duplex Panner


The Duplex Panner is an innovative and novel enhanced stereo panning technique. Its integrated algorithm from the 2014 AES award-winning Best Student Technical Paper combines Binaural and Ambiophonic 3D audio technologies to expand conventional amplitude-based panning into an enveloping, wide and spacious sound field. The plugin provides engineers and users with a two-dimensional panning plane that extends the stereo image beyond the speakers and outside the head with 120 degrees of width and depth. Unlike Binaural technologies, the Duplex Panner transparently translates between speakers and headphones without any distortion or comb filtering. Additionally, the plugin is entirely customizable, allowing the user to determine the amount of effect used while seamlessly transitioning between traditional stereo and Duplex panning. Click here to learn more and download a free trial now!


Check out the audio demos below to to see the plugin live in action and compare it to stereo techniques. Note: For best results put on headphones, though speaker cross-reference is encouraged! 


Full Mix Demo


SIngle Track Demo


Audio Demos

Please play through the examples and compare Stereo, Hybrid and Duplex panning techniques, applied on the same musical content (stems). Try not to read what each mix is, first listen, pick your favorite, and then check your answers below and share! 


Also, be sure to checkout some popular indie rock music mixed with the Duplex Panner here






Mix 1A = Stereo Mix 

Mix 1B = Duplex Panned Mix

Mix 1C = Hybrid Stereo/Duplex Mix

Mix 2A = Hybrid Stereo/Duplex Mix

Mix 2B = Stereo Mix

Mix 2C = Duplex Mix

Mix 3A = Duplex Mix

Mix 3B = Hybrid Stereo/Duplex Mix

Mix 3C = Stereo Mix